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From Mindset to Footwork:

Coach Soti's All-Around Approach

to Football Success


Welcome to
Coach Soti,

Where we redefine sports coaching with a holistic approach. With over a decade of experience, Coach Soti tailors his methods to each player's unique needs, considering all aspects from diet and breathing techniques to footwork and mental preparation.


Our mission is to create complete players, focusing not just on the physical game, but also on the mental and lifestyle adjustments that accompany it.


Whether it's one-on-one coaching or team training, we ensure every player gets the best chance at success.


Ready to change your game?

Join us at Coach Soti.

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Personalised One-on-One Coaching

This service offers individualised attention to the player, focusing on their unique needs and potential. Coach Soti will work closely with you to understand your strengths and areas for improvement, and tailor a coaching plan that encompasses not just your physical training, but also your mental preparation and lifestyle adjustments.


Customised Training Plans

For those who prefer to train independently, Coach Soti offers customised training plans. These plans are tailored to your specific needs and goals, and incorporate Coach Soti's holistic approach, ensuring that your physical training, mental preparation, and lifestyle adjustments are all aligned.

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Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

Learn how to control your breath and use it to your advantage during high-pressure situations in the game. Coach Soti will teach you various techniques to help you relax, focus, and perform at your best when it matters the most. Remember, at Coach Soti, we believe in creating complete players. Our services are designed to help you excel not just on the field, but off it as well.


Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

This service goes beyond the field, focusing on the player's lifestyle choices that can impact their performance. Coach Soti will guide you on how to optimise your diet, sleep patterns, and other lifestyle habits to complement your training and enhance your performance.

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Mental Conditioning Workshops

Recognising the crucial role of mental strength in sports, these workshops are designed to build mental resilience, focus, and a positive mindset. Coach Soti will share techniques for managing stress, maintaining concentration, and building confidence, all of which are essential for peak performance.

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Coach Soti has helped me in so many aspects of my football career and even personal career. He’s the type of coach that will sit with you and make a plan to where you want to take your footballing career. From there he will help you work on your weaknesses & hone you into the best version of you there possibly is. This could be Mentally, Physically, Tactically, Technically or even psychologically. Soti has helped me lose weight and become physically fit to play at the level I want to achieve. He has helped me become faster, stronger, much more technical and very clinical- as I’m a striker. He replicates a lot of game day scenarios which are realistic & specific to your position. Soti helps you understand the game from a more holistic view which is sometimes easier to understand rather than the complex tactics an average coach will try to explain to you. Overall Soti isn’t just an amazing coach but a really really good mentor that I’m really glad I got to meet. Thank You for everything Soti



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