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You've just taken your first step towards a holistic approach to sports coaching. Welcome to the world of Coach Soti, where we believe in transforming the complete player, not just the athlete.

Our Mission

Our mission at Coach Soti is to redefine the way sports coaching is perceived and delivered. We aim to highlight the importance of a holistic approach, where the mind, body, and lifestyle of the player are all taken into account. We believe that success on the field is not just about the physical game, but also about the mental and lifestyle adjustments that accompany it.

who is soti?



Coach Soti is a seasoned professional in the sports industry, with a decade of experience under his belt. His journey began on the playing fields of football and the courts basketball, and has since evolved into a passion for coaching. But Soti isn't your average coach. He believes in understanding the unique needs of each player and tailoring his coaching methods to suit them.


His approach is holistic, considering all aspects of a player's life, from their breathing techniques and eating habits to their footwork. He recognises that it's not just about the physical prowess, but also about the mind-body connection. It's this ability to see the complete picture that sets Coach Soti apart in the industry.

our process

Our process begins with understanding the player. We delve into their needs, their strengths, and their areas for improvement. We then develop a personalised coaching plan that takes into account all aspects of their life, from their diet and breathing techniques to their footwork and mental preparation.


Whether it's one-on-one coaching or team training, Coach Soti's holistic approach ensures that every player gets the best chance at success. We don't just look at the player's feet, but at their entire being, asking the right questions and making the necessary adjustments to suit the game.

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